Cristina Hernandez

Mentora de Vida

I belive education is the key to any human development, external and internal. As a soft skills facilitator, my passion is to bring to the team the tools and processes that have caused transformation in my personal growth and professional development.

My intention and desire is to be of service to Learning and Development organizations around the world, as a remote independent bilingual contractor.

I have conducted programs in different countries such as: Mexico, Brazil and United States. I also support groups by sharing self-inquiry writing workshops on line.

One of my strengths is the ability to be present to what is happening with others and the openness to connect with whatever needs to be addressed in the moment, even if that means adjusting the program. I’m also passionate about using self-inquiry as an unveiling tool for all participants wanting to move forward.

The programs I have developed are available in my website at

See you soon, Cristina Raquel