A Dream come True

A Dream come True

Here I am again, sitting in front of this paper, with my colors in hand, about to share with you one more story of my life. An adventure that began long ago, and that for a long time was something unattainable, just a dream.

Once again here I am remembering so many things and so many events that were necessary to find me where I am today, not only in this physical place, but all the experience and learning that I carry inside.

My dad always talked about how wonderful the United States was. He was a pilot in the Colombian Air Force FAC, and that is why we called him “El Capi” (short for the Captain), and he had the opportunity to be on an exchange in the United States Air Force USAF. I think that's when he fell in love with this country. When he told me and my siblings about his "adventures" in the United States, a Light illuminated his face. His expression was filled with Joy, his Smile was matchless. His enthusiasm and joy seemed like he was "making up" a fantasy story in a distant land. And indeed, it was so!

My experience of the Happiness of El Capi in those stories, always was and has been one of the ones I remember the most and is latent in my heart.

Years later at school, as children of the military, my classmates traveled a lot to the United States because they transferred their parents for one or two years. For a long time, that dream seemed to me just that: something unattainable that only some could achieve depending on the circumstances of others. When they returned to class the following year, they told about all their adventures and trips, and inside of me I felt that my dream was getting further and further away each time; it almost vanished.

Over the years I kept my dream in the trunk of oblivion. Decades passed before I visited him again... During those years my sister had the opportunity to travel to take a personal growth seminar and at the end of her training we met in Miami to go on vacation. A gift for the two of El Capi. Upon returning to Colombia, my trunk of oblivion awaited me open. My dream peeked out reminding me of its existence. I dreamed again, let it come out, wake up and live again. And again the Joy, Joy and Enthusiasm of the Adventure were present, and the Light reflected in the face of El Capi revived in my heart again. My dream was still latent...

After that trip, my sister signed up to take a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and after a few years of going back and forth, she finally got married and settled in California. In 1995, three months after El Capi's death, she invited me to spend a vacation with her. Being here renewed once again my desire to live in the United States. He didn't know why, nor did he know how to explain it. I just knew I wanted to move here. Returning from those vacations, I felt that I had everything in my favor to finally leave Colombia… many things came up, many obstacles appeared in my way.

A couple of years later, my sister graduated from her Master's degree and she again invited me to spend a vacation and to this celebration. One more month of reviving and nurturing my dream, and when I returned to Colombia, with all my energy, new obstacles cut short my desire. Today I can simply say that it was not time yet, and it was necessary to complete other things, to have other necessary experiences to open the way.

On January 30, 2000 my beloved nephew was born. And again my sister invited me on vacation to meet him. I was with them for a month… my heart now knew for sure that it was time to realize my dream. I knew then that it was time. Meeting my nephew and having him in my arms was finally what pushed me to pack my bags and leave everything I had known until now. While everything up to that point had been necessary to achieve it, the final sign was my nephew.

When I returned to Colombia this time, things happened in a way that I can't tell you like a story. One after another, simply and magically, things happened, as only God and the Universe can collude, giving way and lighting the way to fulfill my dream.

A month and a half later, on June 19, 2000, I landed in Los Angeles with two suitcases in my hands, and a world of possibilities at my fingertips. I landed in Los Angeles to stay. Summer welcomed me and with it a school of dolphins singing, jumping and celebrating my arrival. I have to confess that the change was easy for me: I had a place to go, food and a family to land. I lived with them for three years, helping my sister with my nephew and also volunteering at my church. I had the full support of my sister and brother-in-law. Only Blessings of Love and Gratitude exist in my heart for and through them.

I don't know how to explain to you what I felt when I stood barefoot on the sand one day, with my arms open to the world, in front of the ocean, discovering 360 degrees of possibilities. I only know that I felt that a heavy load that I was carrying on my shoulders had been lifted… I actually felt “lighter”, and even more importantly, I felt that I could finally be me, authentic, natural, human. I no longer had the need to pretend, dress up or please others. I no longer felt the need to belong. Simply BE. So I gave free rein to BE who I am and open my Heart and mind to share from that place of Love and Acceptance, Compassion and Understanding. I finally understood why I always wanted to live in the United States, beyond a "made up" fantasy story in distant lands.

Four years later I got married (a Love Story worth telling another time).

With my husband we travel and work together. We visited 25 states in this country seeing and working with people. We also went to Mexico and returned to Colombia together. Most of the time I translated for him, and that's how I learned most of a lot of the work I do now.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to get certified as an International Professional Mentor with a dear friend. An opportunity that he knocked on my door, a gift for which I am only grateful. And it is there where I discover that I am already a Mentor and not only that; I've been since I was a little girl and I've been working on it for a long time. A beautiful discovery that still fills me with Joy, Joy and Enthusiasm. And also Light up my face with a beautiful Smile. Yes, once again the experience of El Capi is present at this moment.

El Capi is no longer with us in this beautiful planet Earth, but he always accompanies me the Joy of the stories of him in distant lands. A girl's dream, which was more of a Declaration, became a reality of life, although it only took her 25 years to get there and I'm still living it. And I also keep Dreaming, Imagining, Creating and Discovering. The Dream has no end; it is up to me to keep it alive, latent and active. And this is where I invite you to continue dreaming. Dream with me and let's continue taking the necessary steps to Create and Share your Light and the Magic that we all carry inside.

So, Dream... Dream Big without Excuses or Limits. Your Dreams are yours and they are also Free. Let your imagination fly, write your Fantasy Story and go for all that you Want and Deserve. Open your mind and especially your Heart, and allow your dreams to come true. Be your own "Capi", and with your story Enlighten and Inspire all those who want and seek to have the Experience of your Light, your Joy, your Enthusiasm, and with it, take the step to achieve what they have always dreamed of.

A Colombian hug with Love and Gratitude, from Santa Monica, California,

Margarita Gibson, DSS



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